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Music Monday: Shannon McArthur



Shannon McArthur walked into the Blood:Water office and asked if he could give 100 percent of all the proceeds from his new project to Blood:Water. I had never met him before but his enthusiasm was contagious, and his generosity was certainly welcomed.

His pop sensibility and writing instinct are incredibly refined for someone entering the musical landscape. The songs on this new project are emotional and raw. Though these songs are almost skeletal in their sparse vocal and acoustic skin, they lose nothing and even allow the listener to respect the amount of restraint it takes to keep from dumping all kinds of production tricks on top.

This is an exciting project from an artist that we will definitely be paying attention to. Enjoy!!!

Download “Isoline”

What is one of the greatest songs ever written/recorded? Why?

“Shot in the Dark” by Augustana, because it literally caused me to quit my day job and pursue music. I was young and scared, but that song gave me some sort of fuel. I remember driving on the highway heading back to my house and listening to it thinking, “How can I love something so much and not even give it a try?” I moved to Los Angeles three days later.

What do you see in the world that inspires you?

Hope… Human beings are wired for hope, and we can’t help but try and find it, even in dark times.

Why does Blood:Water matter?

To me, Blood:Water matters the most because it gives a way for an artist to make their music be about something way more important than music itself. Think on it 🙂

Tell us about what’s next? New record? Tour?

I hit the road to play some shows next week, and then I am back to Nashville to gear up for my next project, “The Riflery.” Get ready for that!

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