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Music Monday: Renaissance High School


Sometimes on Music Monday Dan likes to focus on a group of artists doing something really cool! Check this group of kids out:

2015.05.04 Music Monday

I had the privilege of joining the listening party for a music project of original songs, composed, performed, recorded, and mixed by students from Renaissance High School called, “Harmony in Chaos.” All the music, liner notes, art designs, and marketing plans came from the creative work of the students. The songs range in style from EDM to jam-band instrumental to some of the sweetest introspective folk music I have heard in a long time! I know I wasn’t making music this good when I was a high school student.

I was grateful to go back to school and learn that there are some incredibly talented high school students roaming about Franklin, Tenn. Not only are they talented, they have big and generous hearts. All proceeds from this project will go to support the work of Blood:Water!!! This is another great example of the wonderful way art and social responsibility can join forces to expand the view we have of the world, inspire us, and allow us to see how fun it is to make a difference!

To purchase a CD and support this creative project, click here.


Dan Haseltine

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