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Music Monday: Plumb



Time for the second installment of Music Monday. Director of Artist Relationships Dan Haseltine takes us deeper with Plumb. who is coming out with a new album May 4.


  1. What is one of the greatest songs ever written? What makes it so great?

Tony, by Patty Griffin. It’s so raw and real and true. It’s both inspiring and frustrating. You can FEEL it. I love when a song makes you feel that way. It moves you to change.

  1. What matters to you as you look at the world today?

Being a voice of hope to a world paralyzed by its sense of hopelessness.

  1. Why is Blood:Water important to you?

They do just that… they’re not just a voice but they are in action giving that hope to a world that feels hopeless starting with the most basic need of water.

  1. What is your new project called and where can people get it?

It’s called “Exhale” and it releases May 4. You should be able to get it anywhere music is sold; however, iTunes is my favorite source for getting music.

Pre-order the new record:


Online store



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