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Music Monday: Matthew Perryman Jones



This week I would like to highlight Matthew Perryman Jones. I confess, It takes me quite a few listens through most records to finally decide whether I love the body of work, like it, or move to push it into the pile of lost and gone forever. Rarely upon first listen do I feel so compelled to stop what I am doing and reach out to the artist to say, “Thank you for injecting mood and meaning into my world.”


MPJ’s last full-length LP, “Land of the Living,” elicited that response from me. Not only has Matthew continued to inspire as a musician, he has been one of the longest running advocates for Blood:Water. It is a privilege to share his music with you. Please support Matthew Perryman Jones and pick up some of his music this week, and if he happens to be playing in your area, go. You can thank me later.

What is one of the greatest songs ever written/recorded? Why?

“If It Be Your Will” by Leonard Cohen is one of them for me. It captures everything I love in a song—the dark and light, longing and hope of human experience—all sung with a voice that seems to believe and doubt what is being sung.

What do you see in the world that gives you hope?

My three amazing daughters.

Why does Blood:Water matter?

What I love about Blood:Water is the operation of collaboration and empowerment with communities in need of basic resources. Blood:Water knows who the hero of the story is…and it’s not them. I have always appreciated the approach of coming alongside communities in Africa to help equip and empower them to do the work they want to do but simply lack the support and resources.

Blood:Water matters because it is helping address basic needs in the world so that life and progress can happen where otherwise stifled. It matters because they’re actually doing it, and seeing incredible progress and outcome. It matters because it values life, and reminds me what valuing life means on a global level.

What’s new with you musically speaking? New projects? New directions?

I released a seven-song album called “Cold Answer” on July 17, and have another EP coming in the fall. In the meantime, I’m writing for a new full-length record that I’m aiming to release in February 2016. I’m still in the exploration/writing phase for new songs. Who knows what that ol’ elusive muse will bring!

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