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Music Monday: Jerry Fee


For this Music Monday post, I’d like to introduce you to Jerry Fee. He is the first musician I have met that hails from Idaho! I had the pleasure of meeting him this year. He has the heart of an indie with the pop sensibilities of major. He navigates and innovates both in music and in the ever-changing dynamics of the independent music scene. Even though this affords little room for other aspirations, he stepped into the Blood:Water office and asked how he could help!


If you are as much a sucker for great 80’s synth sounds as I am, you will enjoy his new EP!

What is one of the greatest songs ever written/recorded? Why?

“Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2. Even though I’ve heard it thousands of times, something about this song gives me chills. The swelling intro just comes to life and still grabs me every time.

What do you see in the world that gives you hope?

Selfless love. It brings God’s kingdom to life.

Why does Blood:Water matter?

Blood:Water is helping people by empowering them to strengthen the lives and quality of life in their own communities. I love that it’s not just a reckless handout in response to a problem. It’s a practical, loving, and sustainable act of community.

What is going on musically speaking? New project? Upcoming tour? Where can we purchase the music and tickets?

I’ve just released a new EP titled, “We Are the Voices.” The feel of this record is very inspired by artists like OneRepublic, Bastille, and The Cure. It’s available from my website and iTunes. I also just wrapped a spring (living room) tour of the southern U.S. with Nashville artist, Charmaine.

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