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Meet Walter the Water Drop



Allow me to introduce myself. I am the newest Blood:Water team member. My name is Walter, Walter the Water Drop. Can I tell you a secret? I am trying to start a petition to change the name of the non-profit to Blood:WaLter, but it’s not going over so well.

Anyway, I am joining Blood:WaLter… ok, ok, I mean Water… for the first time this summer! Want to know why? I’m on a mission, a mission to bring clean water to kids in Africa. But, I need your help. Well, not really your help, but the help of kids across the country! You see, I’m starting a new program called “Kids for Change.” It’s called that because all kids have to do is collect change from their own piggy banks, the next door neighbors, or even from in between the couch cushions to help bring clean water to other kids all the way in Africa. Every penny, nickel and dime goes a long way!My project, The Walter Project, would be the perfect addition to any VBS! Here’s why you don’t want to pass me up. I come equipped with a FREE campaign kit, which includes five, 10-minute activity based sessions focused on Matthew 25:35-40, the passage centered on how giving to others is giving to Jesus. You can use the campaign kit during VBS, during Sunday School or even on Wednesday nights throughout the summer.

If you want more information, or know of a church leader who would love to hear about my campaign just visit The Walter Project. Once your church is set up, we’ll send your church a jerry can to fill up with change!

See you this summer!

Walter, the Water Drop

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