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Looking For Ways to Partner With Us?


We’d love for you to join us in our work as we come alongside grassroots organizations in Africa as they address the water and HIV/AIDS crises in their communities. There are many ways for you to do this, but here are just a few suggestions!

Become a Community:Builder

We call our monthly donors Community:Builders because they allow us to come alongside–or build–communities in Africa. There are no quick and easy solutions to addressing the water and HIV/AIDS crises at the community level. Real change requires our partners to become embedded in the local communities where they can mobilize leaders to take ownership of solutions, and provide training that can be passed down to future generations. To make commitments to our partners that allow them to do this, we need donors who are also willing to invest in these communities with us. You can join us at

See the Work Firsthand

We love to share the stories of our friends in Africa who are being impacted on a daily basis because of your generosity and the tireless dedication of our partners. But something special happens when you travel to Africa with us to meet the people and see the work of our partners for yourself. It was actually on a trip to Africa that our founders were so moved that the Blood:Water story began. If you would like to share this experience and gain a deeper understanding of our work, contact Katy at to inquire about joining us on a trip.

Double Your Gift

Did you know that many employers support the charitable giving of their employees by matching the gifts they make to nonprofits? When your employer matches your gift to Blood:Water, it multiplies the impact of your giving. Contact your employer’s benefits representative to find out if this incentive is available for you!

If you have any questions about getting involved, we’d love for you to contact us:

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