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Live Music. Good Food. Great Partners. #WorldWaterDay


The World Water Day Celebration is a chance to celebrate the work that has been done to serve over 1 million Africans with clean water, and to continue to provide life-giving resources and support to Africa-based initiatives impacting the water crisis.


The partnership between Lightning 100 and Blood:Water is one born of respect, admiration, and musical inspiration. We have long been impressed by the community outreach and positive impact that WRLT has had in the Nashville community. We believe the listeners that WRLT has cultivated are the kinds of people who want to get their hands dirty and make the world a better place. This is the kind of community searching for ways to get involved.

Blood:Water is an organization that offers on-ramps into community development and global health. AND we just love the people that work there and the music that they play!

We are throwing a party with Lightning 100! Businesses in the Nashville community have given generously so that we can be generous to you!

Some of Nashville’s best artists are performing live in our office! We will have food trucks and great coffee! If you live near Nashville, stop by to learn more about the work we do and how you can be involved.


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