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Help Fund a Large Scale Water Project


As you have heard and seen over the last few days, Blood:Water has embarked on our biggest project to date, which is to provide clean water for 1 million more people over the next three years. One million is a big number. And when you are talking about numbers that big in a place like Africa, it can be hard to wrap your mind about what the work on the ground actually looks like.

The challenge for Blood:Water in telling the story of The Next Million is that we aren’t always able to share with our donors about the places and communities that make up The Next Million. We also know that there are donors, churches or others who may feel led to provide for an entire community. Today we wanted to share with you about a few places in which you can help The Next Million.

  •   In Milimitatu, Kenya, we need to provide 12 rainwater catchment tanks that cost $2,500 each.
  •   In Kaloko, Zambia, there are over 400 Biosand filters to provide.
  •   At the Gufu Ali Primary School in Marsabit, Kenya, we need to provide a rain tank, latrines, and sanitation and hygiene training to an entire school at a cost of $19,569.
  •   In the same community as the school, we need to build a new well and provide training to the community on proper sanitation and well maintenance. This can be provided to the community for $12,823.54.
  •   In Burgabo, Kenya, the rehabilitation of a water point and maintenance, new latrines, and sanitation and hygiene training for the community is $34,839.98.
  •   And finally, there is the unique opportunity to literally affect thousands of people in the community of Ndola, Zambia, by providing a new deep-well drilling rig that our partner cannot currently afford. This unique and life-changing piece of equipment costs $250,000.


Those are just a few of the specific projects we will be looking to target through The Next Million. If you feel led to take the lead and provide for one of these communities, please let us know. We would welcome the opportunity to share with you more information about how these unique opportunities can impact thousands of lives on Africa.

Learn more about solutions like these here.

Interested in helping?

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