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Prayer Request: Attack in Nairobi



Pray for Africa – and the partners who risk their safety to serve others.

Blood:Water is blessed to partner with the most amazing people in the world.

But they can only be effective in shaping the future of Africa if it’s safe to work alongside the community.

The stark reality of this hit home recently when Nadia, our Africa programs director based in Nairobi, Kenya, woke me with a text saying there had been an attack on a nearby office-hotel complex. Thankfully, she was safe and heading home in a taxi, but others weren’t so fortunate.

The terror attack in Nairobi claimed 21 lives – and once again we are reminded how things can go from normal to very dangerous in an instant.

So I ask you to please pray, lifting up our partners who put their safety on the line for the communities they serve.

Your prayers will encourage those on the ground in Africa – so that more people and communities can continue to be transformed.

And thank you for your support to help those who need it most!


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