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How to Save the World: Step 1



We are so excited to introduce you to our new summer marketing intern, Camille! Check out how this internship fits in with Camille’s dream job!
Since graduating college in 2012, people have asked me what my dream job would be. I always gave a seemingly sarcastic answer that really wasn’t sarcastic at all; save the world.

In high school I took AP Environmental Science and went on to get my undergraduate degree in Urban Environmental Studies. Similar to the early Sunday School days, there are the go-to correct answers. In Sunday School they were “Jesus,” “Bible,” or “God.” In environmental science classes, the go-to answers are “water” or “increased education.”


So I began to tell people I wanted to save the world through water and increasing education; the exact thing Blood:Water focuses on. Also, Blood:Water being a community of like-minded Christians was icing on the cake.

Knowing I wanted to work at Blood:Water and getting here were two very different things. I moved back into my parents’ home in Mississippi after graduating and began to try to figure out how to be an adult. When I moved to Nashville and got a job working for a great company with amazing people, my heart still wasn’t in it. My boss helped guide me to discover what I wanted to do and he even connected me to different people in various organizations; but we both kept coming back to Blood:Water. After learning about the internship he agreed to let me go part-time so I could pursue my dream and where God was calling me to be. After a few more months, here I am.

Camille - Marketing Intern

Camille – Marketing Intern

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