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How I Became a Wrapping Paper Hero



This past weekend, our interns wrapped gifts to fundraise for Blood:Water. Our one male intern gives us his take on the event. It’s hilarious.

When I think of the perfect Saturday morning, I often do not envision wrapping paper, paper snowflakes, and the constant feeling of uselessness. However, this past Saturday was just that.

Every season, the interns at Blood:Water are given the opportunity to create and operate their own fundraiser, and, this fall, we chose to host a gift wrapping station at Nashville’s very best, Porter Flea. We were extremely blessed to have Craft Course already planning to host a gift wrapping station and allow for us to partner with them.

I, being the only male intern, was curious to see how I could be of any contribution to this fundraiser seeing as I (and every other male I know) am incapable of gift wrapping. I strongly believe that the Y chromosome is somehow involved; regardless, I cannot wrap a gift to save my life. I was coming into this fundraiser a little nervous since I had already failed to properly paint in the lines for our sign that read “Free Gift Wrapping.” When the time came and people were handing us their gifts to be wrapped, I stood there because there was nothing that I could do; seriously, there was nothing I could do. As the other interns and our great friends from Craft Course began to quickly wrap these amazingly, perfect gifts, I found one job that I think was level with my skills and that was to hand the wrappers tissue paper whenever they needed it.

And, just like that, I became a hero.


Not really, but I like to think for that the .5 seconds I saved each person may have made a greater impact. I did get ambitious and create a snowflake for one present, but the amount of time it took me to finish it ended up slowing down the wrapper’s process. I am truly grateful for the amount of patience the others had for me, even when I stood there in complete hopelessness.

Emily and Mandy of Craft Course are two of the funnest people to be around and made Saturday such a success. I would strongly encourage you to visit Craft Course and see what amazing things these two are up to.

On behalf of male population, I would like to formally apologize for all of the gifts that will be poorly wrapped this Christmas season. Hang in there gentlemen. One day we will conquer this hopeless endeavor.

Dustin Conway - Marketing Intern

Dustin Conway – Marketing Intern

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