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How a Good Cause Brought Personal Growth


We did it! Save a Drink, Save a Life™ has come to a close, and we are on the other side of a hard-fought battle to give up our favorite drinks during Lent so that our friends in Africa can have clean water. Once again, we stand humbled by the many participants and donors who joined us to help provide safe, clean drinking water for 3,750 people. As we look back on this year’s journey, we know that change is not only happening in Africa, but in our own hearts, as well.
Participant Jenn Onstott graciously shared a glimpse into her Save a Drink™ experience, which she credits for strengthening more than just her resolve, but also her relationship with God.

Being a stubborn person, it really took until the last week for me to realize how much I rely on coffee for comfort instead of God. These past 40 days have not been what I expected. I’ve struggled with anxiety for the past year, and began weaning off medication in early February. A few weeks ago my counterpart decided to give her two-week notice. I was coping with the extra work, but on Friday morning my grandmother passed away after a 6-month battle with a rare form of pneumonia. I was devastated.

I called my sister-in-law/best friend, and told her I just wanted a cup of coffee and a good cry. She reassured me that coffee would not make the pain go away, and to spend some time alone praying. So, although I will be THRILLED to have my first cup of (decaf) coffee on Friday, I am now more aware of how much I made coffee an idol in my life. When I start craving coffee, it’s a good sign that I should be bringing my anxieties, stress, and pain to God instead of looking for comfort in material things.


Tomorrow, I will be officiating my grandmother’s funeral and relying on God to be my comfort and strength instead of my morning cup of coffee. Thank you, Blood:Water, for incorporating a challenge that not only raises money for a wonderful cause, but also becomes a way to change and grow on a personal level.

We are so grateful to be ending this year’s Save a Drink™ journey with strength and growth, and we hope that when reflecting on the days of Lent, we do not forget the ultimate sacrifice Christ made to give us the gift of eternal life.

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