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Happy National Popcorn Day



Today is National Popcorn Day! But, to be perfectly honest, at Blood:Water, every day is popcorn day. We eat popcorn almost every day. Around 2 p.m., someone usually shouts out, “Does anyone want popcorn?” I don’t know what it is, but popcorn gets us through the day, even more than coffee.


In honor of National Popcorn Day, I want to tell you about our friend Quinn Waka. Quinn is amazing. She lives in Zambia and has created a living making popcorn and selling it to local kids at a nearby school. This is how she supports her family.

Making popcorn from the ground up is no easy task. For a little window into the process, here’s a detailed how to.

I am also really excited to tell you about Quinn because she has access to safe, clean water all thanks to a Biosand filter, made in Africa, funded by Blood:Water and your generous donations. Instead of having to walk for clean water, Quinn has time to make a living for her family. What a huge difference that makes!

Others in Africa don’t have access to clean water and have to chose to walk for water instead of making a living. Together, we can change that. Let’s keep shortening the walk for The Next Million.

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