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Halfway Through Save a Drink, Save a Life


We’re just about halfway through our Lent campaign of Save a Drink, Save a Life. So, by now you’re probably starting to really crave that soda or latte you gave up, right? Well, let me offer some inspiration to keep you going.
Thanks to you, we’ve unlocked a $25,000 grant for our friends in Africa, just by getting 1,000 people to participate in Save a Drink!

That means we’ve raised more than $50,000 dollars!
And you know what that means?

$50,000 could mean a brand new well for 5 communities and a biosand filter for 30 families! Or it could mean 10 schools receive health and water training and 7 communities get a new well. That’s hundreds of people getting access to clean, safe water.

But, we shouldn’t stop there! Let’s keep pushing through and save or match those drinks! So, if you find yourself tempted to buy that Diet Coke, remember you just have four weeks left! And if we all keep donating what we save or match, that could mean even more wells, biosand filters or trainings for our friends in Africa!

If you’re interested in joining Save a Drink, you’re not too late! Sign up

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