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Half a Day’s Income on Water

The average daily earning for someone in the U.S. is $24.53, meaning the daily earning is somewhere around $196.24.* Imagine spending half that on clean water for your family every other day. That would be $343.42 a week on water.

Drinking water is virtually free in the U.S., assuming you aren’t drinking bottled water.


Meet Regina. She lives in Kenya and has five children. To make sure her children don’t go thirsty, Regina walks over an hour nearly every day and spends half a day’s income on clean water.

Regina isn’t making what the average person in the U.S. does. Regardless, she’s spending half a day’s income on water. Water! Can you even imagine?

To make an income and work to shorten her walk for water, Regina rallied a group of women to help make raintanks for their families—tanks that hold water safe to drink.


Using a brick press funded by Blood:Water, Regina makes bricks, bricks that will one day turn into raintanks.

Brick by brick, Regina works to change her family’s future. But, more resources are needed to ensure the raintanks are built.

So, for now, Regina walks for water and spends half a day’s income on water.

Will you help shorten her walk at

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