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Goodbye Chai Tea Lattes



We invite you along on a journey, a journey for water. Watch this video as we walk down the side of a mountain with the children and people of Gasaka, a small village in southern Rwanda.

This trek is no easy task. Not only that, it’s a daily task, a daily task to reach water.

This year, we invite you to Save a Drink, Save a Life and give up your favorite drink for 40 days—the 40 days leading up to Easter—and donate what you save to shorten the walk for the people of Gasak and help bring them access to clean water access. Your gifts will also provide clean water to two other villages in Rwanda—Kamegeli and Cyanika. That’s more than 2,000 people.

When it comes to choosing between the welfare of 2,000 people and drinking my favorite drink for 40 days, there’s no competition. I’m giving up chai tea lattes for 40 days, and I invite you to give up your favorite drink with me. Sign up today at


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