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Five Things We’re Thankful For



Thanksgiving reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for at Blood:Water. Ending the water and HIV/AIDS crises in Africa is no small task, but the people we work with have proven that it is a task worthy of our dedication. We want to share our gratitude for a few of these people who inspire us and make our work possible.

1. Our Partners:

Blood:Water was founded on the cornerstone of partnership with African grassroots organizations. From the beginning, our work has been dependent on friendships and partnerships with organizations that are already working to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. We simply come alongside them to empower them in this work. Without their tireless efforts to create long-term change in the communities they serve, our vision would seem impossible. Our partners’ dedication, care, and passion for their work is what drives us to continue in this fight.

2. Our Donors:

We simply could not do this without our donors! They are the force behind our mission. It is because of their belief in our mission and compassion for others that Blood:Water is able to continue its work in Africa. Our donors sacrifice some of what they have been blessed with in order to bless our partners and communities throughout Africa, and in the process, they bless us beyond measure. We are so grateful for their willingness to stand with us and support our vision to partner with Africa to end the water and HIV/AIDS crises.

3. Our Fundraisers:

They take generosity to another level. Our fundraisers not only recognize the crises in Africa and respond by giving; they use their own talents and passions to encourage others to give, too! We have been blessed to know some incredibly talented people, and we are grateful that they choose to use their creativity to make a difference for our friends in Africa. From Lemon:Aid stands to drum concerts (and even cartwheels!) our fundraisers have come up with show-stopping ways to make a lasting impact in others’ lives.

4. Our Staff:

Our mission-minded staff do the behind-the-scenes work that keeps Blood:Water running. They are the bridge between our donors and our partners, ensuring that every resource is used effectively along the way. Our vision is grand and exciting, and it’s easy to overlook the everyday details that propel us in the direction of accomplishing it. Today, we especially want to thank our staff for faithfully carrying out these everyday details. To say we couldn’t do this without them is an understatement!


5. Our Friends in Africa:

They started it all. The hope-filled communities in Africa were, and continue to be, the inspiration for Blood:Water. Quickly, they became our friends and showed us what it truly means to have faith. They are the embodiment of what it means to hope in the face of trials, and their love for their families and neighbors helps fuel the change that our partners help ignite. When visiting the communities in which our partners work, we are continually met with warm hospitality and generous sharing of food, tea, and stories. Blood:Water exists in part to share these stories with you. It is an honor for which we are so thankful.


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