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Empowering Independence: An Intern Reflection



I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be a Vision & Call intern at Blood:Water. This past summer has been one of courage and independence. Growing up in a small town that I have called home for so long, and then transitioning to living in a place totally foreign to me, took some adjusting, but it also provided opportunity for growth and discovery. My time at Blood:Water has taught me so much about the planning, thought, and effort that is required from a nonprofit organization in order to make a difference. And though there are certainly both highs and lows concerning my summer internship at Blood:Water, I am overall appreciative for the experience.



Blood:Water is an incredible organization that values human dignity. The main reason that I chose to apply to be a part of the Blood:Water team as an intern is because I valued their approach to empowering Africans. By partnering with African organizations seeking to address the HIV/AIDS and water crises in their own communities, Blood:Water engages in a form of nonprofit work that is respectful to culture and community. I have been continually inspired by the work that Blood:Water is able to do through their partners.


The main reason that I chose to apply to be a part of the Blood:Water team as an intern is because I value their approach to empowering Africans.


The greatest lesson that I learned through my internship with Blood:Water is the importance of the organization’s relationships with its donors. Blood:Water donors are the backbone of the work that the organization is doing. And donors generously give to Blood:Water in selflessness and humility. Therefore, donors play a vital role in the work that Blood:Water is doing, and they deserve to continually be thanked for their support. Blood:Water makes engaging its donors a great priority, and it was very cool to have the opportunity in my internship to communicate with and thank many of these humble, inspiring people.


Blood:Water is an amazing organization empowering incredible work, and it has been a blessing to have been able to work alongside the Blood:Water team.


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