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Earn Your Blood:Water Badges


Last week, I returned from my second trip to Africa in eight months. You may remember my blog from my last trip. My list of firsts for the two trips is long, but here’s just a couple:

Flying a small airplane
Eating goat for the first time
Going on my first water walk
Sleeping in the village of Turbi
Eating a whole fried fish

Barak, our director of programs, and I love the idea of trying to help people document these milestones when they travel. Now, when you go on a Vision Trip with Blood:Water, not only will you get to see the work on the ground, you’ll also get a pretty cool badge to show off some of your experiences—kind of like Boy Scout Badges.

Here’s a few of the badges (designed by the brilliant Victor Huckabee):


Awarded for eating items like: Whole fried fish, goat, camel’s milk, any kind of insect


Fly a plane & you’ll earn this badge. (I earned this one July 2014).



Participate in building a Biosand filter or going on a water walk, and you, too, can sport The Foreman badge.


And, one of my favorites… The Orator. Preach a sermon in an African church or give speech at official village event.

So join us in Africa and earn your own badges. The adventure awaits.

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