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Join Our Super(Bowl)-Sized Water Challenge Next Month


20 days. Nothin’ but water. Can you do it?

World Water Day is a day to celebrate water, but also to observe water-related issues around the globe. That’s a big day… an important day… one that we love to honor. So instead of just one day, we’re going to extend a 20-day challenge to YOU. And we hope you’ll accept.

Starting on March 2 (one month from today!), we are going to give up all of our drinks in exchange for water for 20 whole days! And guess what. It’ll even be good for you!

We all know how important clean water is to health. But think about how important it is for people who are active… say pro football players headed to the Super Bowl…

  • Athletes who train daily need to drink 0.6 ounces of water for every pound of body weight. For the average 240-pound NFL player, that’s 144 ounces of water a day!
  • Without water, they couldn’t even build muscle. Water aids the digestive process and shuttles the nutrients their bodies need quickly and efficiently.
  • They’d also get hurt a lot more easily. Water is the main ingredient in the make-up of synovial fluid, which is the lubricating fluid behind the joints. When an NFL player’s body takes a pounding, it’s important for their joints to be well lubricated to avoid injury.
  • And, NFL players lose about 4-9 POUNDS of water just by sweating through the course of one game! That’s a whole lot of water weight that will be sweated out on Sunday!

So as you make plans for the big game this weekend, how about also setting up a team and getting all your football-watching buddies to join you on March 2 for 20 days of H:20?


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