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Choose Love Every Day: An Intern Reflection



I believe that to love well, we must choose love every day. I believe that the point of life is community: letting others transform us. I believe that our grief over wrongs can become a passion to make things right. And I believe that God is good.
— Jena Lee Nardella, “One Thousand Wells”


My time as an intern at Blood:Water has come to a close, but the way it has transformed how I view myself and the world will always be a part of me. I have never been immersed in a community like the one at the Blood:Water office. I came into this internship nervous about filling the previous intern’s shoes and worried that I would be a disappointment to the team. I soon realized just how impactful the Blood:Water family would be in my life this summer.

I appreciated that the team members of Blood:Water valued me, not because of what I could do, but who I am. Blood:Water respected my opinions; I was heard and encouraged. Over time, I developed my passion for communication and events, and I was empowered to lead multiple events and share Blood:Water’s story with attendees. I knew that every time I walked into the office, I would be greeted with genuine people who wanted to help me learn and develop my skill set.

My favorite memories of my time at Blood:Water revolve around everyone coming together, praying for one another, and brainstorming how we can be the catalyst for meaningful change in Africa. Each thank you note I wrote to a donor or person I told about Blood:Water felt significant because it could alter a life. I was inspired by children hosting Lemon:Aid stands, and giving away the money they raised to help kids in Africa.



This internship made me realize that we have to choose to be selfless, to listen to one another, to lay down comparison, uplift one another, and reflect God’s heart for every person in this world. Because of Blood:Water’s work, the community in the office, and my time as an intern, I feel more valuable, confident, and ready to pursue my own dreams. I also have a greater understanding of how charitable actions can do more harm than good if they are not empowering the recipient to fulfill their own dreams, and I hope to take this mindset into my own company one day!




I am excited to keep learning how to love well every single day, and mirror the kindness Blood:Water showed me as an intern to others. Thank you, Blood:Water, for teaching me difficult lessons, for inspiring me to take action, and for your heart for Africa and its people.


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