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Building a Global Community


The Partner Summit wrapped up today with a focus on system strengthening and communications.



Peter Irungu, programs and operations director from INUKA Trust, joined the group to discuss resource diversification. He encouraged our partners to push beyond standard nongovernmental organization (NGO) proposal writing to integrate concepts and ideas used in the private sector.

Partners brainstormed how they could present their organizations to bring in a wider range of income streams that will create even more sustainable lifelines.

And before the Summit wrapped up, Chris Bolton and Barak Bruerd connected the art of effective storytelling to global community building and shared ways communities around the world can engage.

Barak also trained our partners on Instagram! You can look forward to seeing more pictures of the work being done on the ground soon!

This week was full of incredible learning opportunities, both for Blood:Water and our partners. We were so thrilled to be able to spend this time together to strengthen and encourage one another. It really was a Blood:Water dream come true!

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