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Break Our Hearts for What Breaks Yours


In June 2014, Josh Haltom, student pastor at Fork Christian Church, took about 30 middle school students to a Christ In Youth Conference at Johnson University. A video was shown featuring Ruby, a teenage girl who used her birthday to raise funds to build a home for a family in Nicaragua.


Inspired by the video, Ainsley and Maddie decided they, too, wanted to do something to impact the world.

Josh challenged the girls to take some time to think about what breaks their heart in this world, knowing they wouldn’t give up on something that was personal to them. He urged them write out their feelings as if they were explaining to someone why the issue broke their hearts.

A few weeks later Josh received letters from Ainsley and Maddie explaining that their hearts break when children don’t get a chance to live long and healthy lives due to circumstances beyond their control.

Together, Josh, Ainsley, and Maddie decided to put on an event that would benefit children. Through meetings and discussion, they realized that the number of children who die because they do not have access to clean water is staggering—pinpointing something that breaks Ainsley and Maddie’s hearts.

With Josh’s help, the girls organized Parents’ Night Out to enrich families locally and globally. This Valentine’s Day, the youth ministers and students at Fork Christian Church babysat for about 90 children so their parents could go on a date (enriching families locally). And that night, Ainsley and Maddie raised more than $3,000 for Blood:Water (enriching families globally)!

Watch the video here.

So what do you love to do? Is it babysitting? Or growing a super awesome stache for #MustacheMarch? Or even taking the world’s best selfies? Whatever it is, your creativity and passion can make a big difference in the lives of our friends in Africa! Sign up today to Be the Movement!

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