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Blood:Water Book Club is Back!


It’s back! Blood:Water Book Club has returned from its brief hiatus, and we can’t wait to read this month’s book selection with you!
For each book club selection, we choose a book that has somehow shaped what we know as an organization, relates to our work, or provides inspiration. As we read through the book, a Blood:Water staff member will blog about their thoughts on what unfolds in the story each week. We hope you’ll join us!



For the month of May, we have chosen “A Thousand Hills to Heaven: Love, Hope, and a Restaurant in Rwanda” by Josh Ruxin. “A Thousand Hills to Heaven” is recommended by several of our staff members for its portrayal of healing and development in Rwanda in the aftermath of the genocide. This theme also ties heavily into the work of our incredible local partner, MOUCECORE.

“A Thousand Hills to Heaven” follows newlyweds Josh and Alissa as they pick up their lives in New York to aid on the frontlines of poverty in Rwanda’s rural villages post-genocide. Through their time in Rwanda and the opening of their gourmet restaurant in Kigali, Heaven, they learn that collaboration and teaching communities to help themselves is where the road to sustainable recovery begins.

Follow along with us as we read, and check out our blog every Tuesday through the end of May for a new post about the book.

We will divide the book into three sections:

  1. Preface – Chapter 13
  2. Chapters 14 – 29
  3. Chapter 30 – Epilogue

Read section one, and check back next week for the first staff reflection!

Happy reading!

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