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Back to School



In just about two weeks, children and teens will be heading back to school.

In the United States, when the school bell rings for the first time, classrooms will be filled with excitement. But, in Africa, it can be a very different story.

All too often children in Africa have to skip school because they are walking in search of clean water for their family or because they’re too sick from drinking dirty water that was easier to find.

That’s a reality no child should have to face. So, as kids in the U.S. head back to school this fall, we at Blood:Water asked you to join us and help send 2,000 kids back to school.

It only takes $50 to make a difference in the life of a child. Plus, for every dollar you raise, a generous donor will match your gift. Now that’s math you can get on board with.

How many kids will you send Back to School?

Head to here to learn more.

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