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More Than What I Was Looking For: An Intern Reflection



I have loved my time working with Blood:Water. When I moved to Nashville for this internship, I knew what I was looking for and I had an expectation of what Blood:Water would be like. However, it was a greater experience than I ever anticipated it being. The Lord made it so clear that He was calling me to Nashville, and this internship was one of the things He used to speak to me. How God worked it all out, as well, was nothing short of astounding.

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Stepping Into Our Mission

Once being immersed in Blood:Water’s culture and values I quickly learned the importance and necessity of local heroes or partners within their communities. This is something that was on my radar, but my understanding of it was magnified to a whole new level once working with Blood:Water. 

Interning with Blood:Water has made me more aware of implementation of water sources in Africa. If you asked me before working with Blood:Water if you can (and should) put a well anywhere, I would have probably said yes. However, I have since learned about the necessity of having local partners make the decisions around implementation because they are the experts of their culture, area, and resources. When I was first looking for organizations to work with, I remember looking up “organizations that fight the water crisis.” And with Blood:Water I found that and so much more! 

The Lord’s Call

One of the many highlights of being here was being able to write the 40 Days of Water Devotional. I knew that The Lord had put writing on my heart, but to write an 80+ page book seemed absurd to me for where I was at (being only 22 at the time and just beginning my career). It’s awesome how The Lord orchestrated this specifically, giving Liz (Blood:Water’s Annual Giving Manager) the idea for it and me coming in at the exact time when it would be written. I have been wanting to write a devotional book since I was fifteen years old, and this opportunity was not only extremely helpful, but it was also really great to be able to see the work I put together able to be utilized and made available to donors. 

But The Lord absolutely used this to strengthen my confidence in His faithfulness to work through me with offering simply what I have. I have trusted in His faithfulness in so many areas, but when it came to what The Lord could do through me I have struggled with reservations and fears. I know this will have a large impact on my life, because I didn’t realize I was capable of this. All that to say, I have loved seeing how God has woven and worked out this plan and how He is continuing to mold and shape me into the daughter He has called me to be and work He desires for me to fully step into. 

Abby was an absolutely essential part of our work for the nine months she was part of our team. Please join us in our emphatic thanks for everything she did for our partners and our mission!

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