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A Ripple in The Water


After feeling called to generously give while listening to Jars of Clay speak about Blood:Water on the radio, Patty Consoli wanted to have something tangible to pass down to her family to represent her gift, and the beauty and hope in Africa. She received several photos of the impact the donation made in Zambia, and one of them stood out among the rest.

It was a photo of Claudine, a young woman who was celebrating receiving access to clean water in her community for the first time. Patty shared the photos, including the one of Claudine, with a talented artist and her close friend, Billy Smith, who was immediately taken by the photo of Claudine as well. Billy specializes in portraits, and after he painted Claudine for Patty, he decided to share the portrait with his community in North Carolina at the Transylvania Community Art Council Gallery exhibit called “Faces of Freedom.”

Patty was asked to speak about Billy’s piece and Blood:Water at the event, and although it was out of her comfort zone, she shared her story of the joy and freedom clean water access brings to a community–the joy and freedom that Claudine knows.

Patty’s advocacy was a single ripple in the water that has touched the hearts of many. We are grateful that her story has intertwined with Blood:Water’s, and she is now not only a supporter, but a family member.

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