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A Message From Our Executive Director Regarding COVID-19



Dear friends,


In the midst of the current global COVID-19 crisis, I pray you and your loved ones are well and holding onto peace and hope in the midst of chaos and fear. As COVID-19 continues to impact lives in ways that just months ago we could not have imagined, our thoughts are not only with those affected at home and around the world, but also especially with our friends in Africa. While the epidemic we’re facing is a new experience for us, it is yet one more public health battle that they are forced to face. They have been fighting another viral epidemic for many, many years, with far fewer resources than we have. 

Despite this, they remain hopeful! They persevere. Progress may be small at times, but they press on. There is so much we can learn from our partners – how to have hope in the midst of trying times; how to appreciate the moments we have been given with the ones we love; how there is power in the community working together for the greater good. 

community members working together to construct a clean water facility.

community members working together to construct a clean water facility.

We’ve all learned about how things as simple as hand-washing can have a profound impact. And the right for everyone to have access to proper sanitation and hygiene is something we always have, and always will continue to fight for.

As you wash your hands throughout the day today, let it remind you to celebrate the work you are helping to accomplish, and the fact that there is always hope for tomorrow. As we continue to face uncertain days, I invite you to read more about the work you are supporting in sub-Saharan Africa. Be encouraged by the strength that keeps it going, for “we have this same hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” (Hebrews 6:19)


Jake Smith


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