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A Joyful Update about Nancy & Gabriella



Remember Gabriella? We have been keeping up with him and his mother, Nancy, over the 18 months. As a refresher, Nancy is HIV-positive, and when she became pregnant, she feared her child would be too. Because of the treatment Nancy received at New Life Medical Center in Kitgum, Uganda, Gabriella was born HIV-negative.

Gabriella is now 18 months old, and has taken the final test to confirm his HIV status. Gabriella remains HIV-free!

Mother-to-child transmission is one of the most common ways that children become infected with HIV, so preventing this transmission is a critical step in ending the HIV/AIDS crisis.

That’s why, through Project Zero Mom, we have called upon 100 women to come alongside 100 moms in Africa to ensure that their babies do not contract HIV.

We are overjoyed at the news of Gabriella’s final test results, and are grateful that he is one of many children who can look forward to a healthy future thanks to the generosity of donors who are standing with us in the fight to end the HIV/AIDS crisis.


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