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Christmas is One Month from Today! Can You Believe It?


Can you believe it? Christmas is just one month from today. It’s approaching quickly, to be sure, but before the hectic holiday season is in full swing, I want to take a minute to introduce you to Mary, as well as give you an opportunity to make a difference for children just like her this Christmas.

This is Mary.

Mary loves playing games with her twin sister, Annie. But, instead of playing games, Mary often spends her day walking to get water for her family. She fills up a blue bucket and carries it on her head back to her home. When full, it weighs 30 pounds.

Mary is 7 years old.

This Christmas, you can shorten the walk for children like Mary and Annie by helping bring them access to clean water.

A gift of just $20 provides water for one of The Next Million. When you make a donation of at least $20, we’ll send an African-made, leather bracelet to that someone special on your list—or to you if you want one instead!


The bracelet says Milioni Ijayo, which means The Next Million in Swahili, and serves as a reminder of the stories of The Next Million. Stories like Mary’s, Gertrude’s, Gift’s, Wario’s and George’s.

There is no better time than this season of giving to give a gift that gives back. Join us this Christmas, and bring clean water access to one of The Next Million.

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