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Two Choices


Take a good look at the landscape in this picture. It’s both strikingly beautiful and immensely daunting.


That landscape is located in a small, rural village in northern Kenya. It is home to 2,000 Kenyans and 14,000 livestock, but no constant source of water.

Turbi has a water reservoir, but, more often than not, it runs dry. So, the people of Turbi have two choices—dig shallow wells to reach water that is so dirty it can make them ill or walk mile after mile to reach a clean water source.

When you’re thirsty, truly thirst, which would you choose? When you’re busy, which would you choose? If you were weak or injured or working every hour of the day to make an income, which would you choose?

Choosing between drinking dirty water and clean water shouldn’t even be an option.

Meet George. He’s one of the people from Turbi who choose to walk for clean water.

Shorten his walk.

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