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Wells From the First Million


By now you’ve learned we have officially reached 1 million people with clean water in Africa and that we are moving toward bringing clean water access to The Next Million. Allow me to tell you about some of the first million.


Blood:Water wants to make sure the work we do in Africa is lasting and sustainable. So, we partner with African organizations that make sure wells we help support will remain functioning long into the future.

Check out this map from Central African Republic where 89 of the 93 wells we helped install are still functioning, thanks to Water for Good.

It is no small feat that those wells have remained in function when you take into consideration Central African Republic has been at war and conditions are far from stable.

As we work to bring clean water to The Next Million, we will aim for lasting, sustainable solutions that will benefit families for years to come.

Join us in bringing water to The Next Million.


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