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Class Acts of Kindness Sends Kids Like Arbe Back to School



By now your little ones are back in the full swing of school. Let’s keep making that a reality for kids in Africa this year, too!

Through your donations to Class Acts of Kindness in the last three weeks, you’ve sent 975 kids in Africa back to school—kids like Arbe Guya Gonne.

She’s an orphan.

She walks 31 miles to school.

So, instead of going home, she sleeps alone at night in her classroom.

She faces many challenges, but the one thing she doesn’t have to worry about is water.

That’s because through generous donations her school received a rain tank to collect safe drinking water. When the tank arrived, more and more students started showing up to class.

While Arbe has more challenges than any child should face to stay in school, she’s at the top of her class. Just imagine the doors that’s opening for her future.

By being part of Class Acts of Kindness, you’re helping send more kids like Arbe back to school. We’re almost half way to our goal of sending 2,000 kids back to school by August 31. How many kids will you send back to school today? Donate now



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