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Measuring the Impact of HIV/AIDS Programs in Africa

As an HIV/AIDS response organization, we love sharing inside looks into how AP works, because they explain so much about the effectiveness of local leaders in community-based work. So here’s another look into these data points and how they are counted in areas affected by HIV/AIDS.

An African man carrying a bucket of clean water

What Causes Water Scarcity in Africa?

Sub-Saharan Africa contains nearly 50% of the global burden of the water crisis, and a number of factors contribute to the lack of clean water for the millions of people living in this region. While circumstances are always…


Leader of the Year – Hermella Woldehana

Each year, Blood:Water honors one of our active partners with the Blood:Water Leader of the Year award. Today, we are showcasing Hermella Woldehana, the Executive Director of Drop of Water (DoW)! Hermella holds the highest standards for herself and those she works with, and Blood:Water is honored to be a part of her fearless journey.


Because You Understood (Message from Jake)

2020 tested and tried us all in ways we couldn’t have imagined. And while most of the world was experiencing a global health crisis for the first time, our partners were not. The reality is that they spend most of their days addressing the world’s greatest health challenges experienced from lack of clean water or the effects of HIV/AIDS. When the time came for them to rise to this new challenge, there was no wavering, only action. And from what we have seen, their efforts are working.


The Impact of Clean Water & Sanitation for One African Village

Veronica Allan lives in Chifenthe, close enough to the new ECD center to fully feel the effects of its resources. There she can access the new VIP latrine where her fellow students, teachers, and caregivers can access a safe sanitation facility.


Meet Our Development Coordinator, Caitlyn!

Meet our Development Coordinator, Caitlyn Roseborough! Caitlyn joined Blood:Water out of a love for Africa and a desire to fight the inequities stemming from poverty in many communities in sub-Saharan Africa. As the Development Coordinator, Caitlyn supports Blood:Water’s donors, fundraisers, and followers, as well as helps to spread the word about our work using a variety of methods. She loves helping others figure out how they can make a difference with their unique skills. So, if you want to know what you can do to participate and contribute to the mission, Caitlyn is the person to talk to!


Meet Our New Vision & Call Interns!

Last month we welcomed two new faces to the Blood:Water team, and we can’t wait for you to get to know them! Over the next nine months, Abby Clark and Audrey Tamplin will be assisting in the development and marketing departments as a part of the Vision & Call program, and they are already doing a fabulous job. Read on to get to know the newest members of our team!


COVID and HIV: An Update From The Global Community

Nadia Kist, Blood:Water’s Director of Africa Programs, recently attended the global AIDS conference where she learned that HIV and COVID-19 have an even greater overlap than previously expected. For starters, the fact that so many people require immediate attention adds a large burden to health systems around the globe, many of which are not even equipped for their existing needs. Coronavirus has presented a situation none of us expected or know what to expect from, so we are still learning how it will impact greater issues that were already being faced.


A Glimpse Into What Our Partners Are Up To

As our partners continue to work diligently to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, we wanted to share some insight and updates about how a couple of them are doing these days.


A Message From Blood:Water On Our Beliefs & Actions

Throughout our time supporting African led organizations, we have observed and experienced destructive stigma associated with disease and poverty, and we fight against the diminishing and demoralizing power of false characterizations and quick judgements based in fear. It is with grave moral seriousness that we condemn the acts of racism taking place not only in the United States, but also in many other parts of our world.


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