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Four Myths About Africa



Among the staff at our office in Nashville, we spend a fair amount of time in Africa. We organize vision trips that allow our donors to see our work in action, and we go to meet with our partners in the communities we serve. We’re no strangers to the beautiful continent, its rich culture, and inspiring people.

But we often find ourselves having to explain the truth about Africa to our friends who have misconceptions about what it is actually like. So we decided to debunk a few common myths about Africa in hopes of squelching the rumors about one of our favorite places.

  • Myth: Africa is about the same size as the United States.

Reality: The continent of Africa is more than three times the size of the U.S. Look at how many countries can fit inside its borders!


  • Myth: Africa is hot, dry, flat desert.

Reality: Did you know that it actually snows in some parts of Africa? There is a wide range of climates and landscapes throughout the continent, including rainy and dry seasons, mountains, lakes, trees, grasslands, and yes, in some places, deserts. The truth about African landscape can’t be found in the backdrop of The Lion King.

  • Myth: I won’t be able to communicate with anyone if I travel to Africa with Blood:Water.

Reality: There are approximately 2,000 languages spoken in Africa. But, if you choose to go on a vision trip with Blood:Water, our partners speak English and the local language fluently making it easy to communicate with the people in the areas we work.

  • Myth: Africa is a hopeless nation.

Reality: Every time we travel to Africa, we are amazed at how the exact opposite of this is true. Despite any hardship faced by people in African, they are a resilient and full of hope for a better future. They provide us with rejuvenation and inspiration to continue alongside them in their fight. They are our friends, and we’re continually blessed by their sweet spirits.

If you’re interested in traveling to Africa with Blood:Water to debunk your own myths, find out more about our vision trips or learn about winning a trip to Africa!

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