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Understanding the Water and HIV/AIDS Crises



“Partnering with Africa to end the water and HIV/AIDS crises”

Our vision is ambitious. The water and HIV/AIDS crises are complex and widespread, but they are also interwoven, which means progress in regard to one will positively impact the other. This truth was quickly learned by our founders when their passion for ending the HIV/AIDS crisis was confronted with the connected water crisis that they observed while visiting Africa.


One thing is certain: the more we understand these crises, the more successful we will be at ending them. Blood:Water’s approach is to partner with African grassroots organizations who are already working toward the same goals, then come alongside them to empower and equip them with the resources and training necessary for making a lasting impact in their communities.

The statistics of the HIV/AIDS and water crises are staggering, but they are not hopeless. Take this quiz to learn more about the realities of these crises, then we invite you to learn more about our approach and partner with us to make a difference in Africa!


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