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Funny Things that Happen When You are in Uganda



Our UNC interns are having quite the experience in Uganda. Here’s their Top 10 list of ‘Funny Things that Happen When You are in Uganda.”

  1.  When you are on a long road trip and your driver is talking about how dangerous it is to pick up hitchhikers, then pauses mid-sentence to pick up a nun in full habit.
  2.  When your boss tries your pasta salad and thinks it is rotten.
  3.  When peanut butter is a key ingredient in stewed greens.
  4.  When you go out to eat and instead of asking for your number, men ask if they can touch your hair.
  5.  When two inches is a “small bug.”
  6.  When you take your “clean” clothes off the line and they have bird droppings on them.
  7.  When you tell the cook that guacamole is eaten with chips and she starts deep frying potatoes to make British “chips!”
  8.  When you discover your underwear is on inside out because you got dressed by flashlight the night before.
  9.  When you hear a crashing noise and see that it is a chicken falling out of a tree.
  10.  When you are running for exercise and someone asks whether you are lost, then screams, “Welcome to Africa!” as you continue on your way.

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