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2021 Annual Report

A Letter From the Executive Director

The posture our founders took when Blood:Water was in its infancy was to ask the question, “What are you doing, and how can we help?”  This question was asked over and over on visits to Africa. It was asked again and again of community members in each village – people who lived in the communities with the greatest need, and who were dedicating their lives to improving health and water access for their families, friends, and neighbors.

Eighteen years later, this question continues to make up the very fabric of Blood:Water.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s need for access to clean water will not be met by “just another water organization.” The health disparities will not be fixed merely by Westerners coming with charity and aid.

“The work doesn’t end when our partnership ends. Rather, it grows – increasing exponentially as more and more people are equipped and empowered to impact their communities.”

You see, we believe that all people are equally created and purposed by God, and this means that our role is not to “save” or rescue others, but to come alongside, to share what we have and empower them to live into the fullness of what God has given and equipped them to do.

It is only through community-driven solutions that Africans are seeing true, sustainable transformation.

This is what sets Blood:Water apart from other water and health organizations. This is what makes us unique, and what makes the outcome of this work last for generations.

So as you read through this report and see the various numbers – numbers of new water sources, numbers of people educated, numbers of people thriving through access to HIV care – remember this: Each person who is touched by the work of a Blood:Water partner is not only helped, but is equipped to then help others.

The work doesn’t end when our partnership ends. Rather, it grows – increasing exponentially as more and more people are equipped and empowered to impact their communities.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of it.

Jake Smith
Blood:Water CEO Signature

Jake Smith, Executive Director

Moments to Celebrate in 2021

40 Million Dollars for Africa

In August 2021, Blood:Water celebrated an incredible milestone in which we had officially raised 40 million dollars since our founding, for our African partners and leaders who are working tirelessly to end the HIV/AIDS and water crises!

Since Blood:Water’s founding, we have been privileged to work with seventeen partners in twelve different countries in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to financial support toward HIV/AIDS and WASH advancements, each partner has received substantial investment from Blood:Water in their organization for the purpose of strengthening them and helping them grow their impact beyond our partnership. Download the full report to learn more!

Three smiling African boys
2021 Classy Awards Winner

BloodWater is a 2021 Classy Award Winner!

Out of 1,400 nonprofits and social enterprises nominated, Blood:Water was selected as one of ten Social Innovation Award Winners for 2021! We are so grateful to be recognized by Classy and for the honor and focus this award brings to the life-giving work of our African partners.

Quotes from the Classy Awards Leadership Council:

Learn more about the Classy Awards by visiting

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