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Federal Employees & Retirees GIVE HAPPY!

Support BW via CFC

Attention Federal Employees!

Are you a Federal employee or retiree? Then you likely already know about CFC – but maybe you didn’t know that Blood:Water (#68394) is one of the vetted organizations you can partner with through your campaign pledge!

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is for Federal employees & retirees who want to GIVE HAPPY. Every year, the CFC brings the Federal community together to raise money and volunteer, spreading happiness around the world one gift at a time.

What does GIVE HAPPY mean at Blood:Water? 

  • It means supporting sustainable clean water, sanitation & hygiene efforts so that Moms can watch their children thrive! 
  • It means giving people living with HIV access to medical care, treatment, and support so that they can live long and healthy lives.
  • It means providing opportunities for education and leadership development so that locally-led African organizations can increase their reach and effectiveness.
A young African girl drinking from a well
kenyan mother holding her daughter
Jane with BOH at Partner Summit 2023

What is CFC?

A Federal tradition and the official workplace giving campaign for Federal employees and retirees, the CFC has raised nearly $8.7 billion for charities and people in need since its inception in 1961. Through the CFC, members of the Federal community go beyond their call to public service by contributing to the thousands of charities that work to improve the quality of life for all.

A Culture of Giving

Since Blood:Water was established, we have maintained a culture of grassroots giving.

What does that mean, exactly? When Jars of Clay first founded Blood:Water, they used their platform as artists and performers to engage tens of thousands of people in making a difference. People could give a dollar or two at a concert, and together, they could raise enough money to repair or install a water point for a village.

As we’ve grown, we have continued to cultivate this culture of collaborative community impact, creating opportunities for individuals here in the US to make a real and long-lasting impact in communities in east & southern Africa.

The annual CFC campaign is a powerful way for the Federal community to join with the Blood:Water community in facilitating transformational change in the water and HIV/AIDS crises in east & southern Africa, led by our African partners.

Take Action!

Click here to visit the CFC giving page and make your pledge for Blood:Water, organization #68394. Your generosity will fuel the work of our locally led, community-driven partners, making a very real impact that will last for generations to come.

Also, be sure to follow Blood:Water on your preferred social network to learn more about how the causes highlighted throughout the CFC campaign are implemented through our partners’ daily work.

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