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A Tattooed Reminder to Love Others


Jamie Baker is a long-time monthly Community:Builder. Her involvement with Blood:Water has meant so much to her, that she even has the Blood:Water drop tattooed on her wrist as a daily reminder to love others. Read her story in her own words:


I never would have thought about water and how I need it. I have always had access to water everywhere in my daily life so there was never a reason to ponder water. When I was in college I heard about Blood:Water for the first time at a concert. I was told that our neighbors in Africa do not have access to clean water and many have to walk miles and miles a day to get dirty water—water that makes them sick, or keeps them sick. Then, in that moment, I began thinking about water and my heart opened to this mission.

I was shocked that one dollar could provide clean water for a person in Africa for a year. What? I had a dollar and I gave it at that concert many years ago. People who had struggled for a basic need could have access to clean water, something I didn’t have to think about, for only one dollar.

I continued to think about that and began supporting Blood:Water with my money and prayers as a young college grad. It was easy. I began receiving stories about how these donated funds were helping change lives! I teared up at the stories, and couldn’t believe that something so simple could make such a difference.

I thought about the African people, how we are so different, yet all seen as beautiful, precious children in the Kingdom of God. As it turns out, the mission and stories about our brothers and sisters in Africa have supported me and my walk with Christ over the last decade. Through the work of Blood:Water, I have been made aware of the needs of those immediately around me, to see people as Jesus sees them; to see them as His; to love through caring for others in their immediate needs; to think outside of myself.

I have learned to be more reliant on Christ to provide for me as well—in both my physical and spiritual needs. I need the community that He created for me, to lean on and learn from. Within this community, as I learn and grow, I am filled with overwhelming joy to continue to give.


I have the Blood:Water symbol tattooed on my arm as a permanent reminder to love others. It’s a reminder to love my family, those I see on the way to work each day, my colleagues, my friends, and my neighbors around the world. It is a reminder to rely on Christ as all I need, as my worth, as my supply!

It is also a conversation starter. I share the story and work of Blood:Water, and how easy it is to help the cause, but I also share how it reminds me to love. And that helps me talk with people about what they are drawn to—how they show love to others.

It’s been a fun journey thus far. I haven’t been able to make it overseas to see the work of the mission with my own eyes. I hope to someday. As much as I want to make a trip, I realize that I can make a difference right here in my community, in my everyday life, yet continue to support my neighbor’s across the sea with my funds which are desperately needed.

I encourage anyone to get involved in a mission that touches their heart, because you will find that in helping, you open yourself up to be loved in a way you weren’t expecting.

I am so thankful for the continued work of Blood:Water and am grateful to be a part of it.

We’d love to invite you to join Jamie, and us, as a monthly Community:Builder. We’ll even send you a Blood:Water CamelBak as your own daily reminder.

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