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The Path That Ends AIDS: UNAIDS Global AIDS Update


The path to ending AIDS is clear. We have a solution if we follow the leadership of countries that have forged strong political commitment to put people first and invest in evidence-based HIV prevention and treatment programmes.  This UNAIDS report underscores the feasibility of ending the AIDS epidemic, emphasizing the potential benefits of this effort in terms of pandemic preparedness and progress toward Sustainable Development Goals. It highlights that the key to success is not masked in mystery but rather a conscious choice.. It demonstrates how countries prioritizing people and communities in their policies and programs are leading the way towards ending AIDS by 2030 and calls upon all leaders to join this path. 

Ending AIDS is an opportunity for a uniquely powerful legacy for today’s leaders. We have the chance to be remembered by future generations as those who ensured the policies, programmes and investments that put a stop to the world’s deadliest pandemic.  This is a critical technical resource to ensure your organization’s HIV-response is aligned with the strategies that will advance its end. 

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