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Designing and Facilitating Creative Conversations & Learning Activities


This Companion Booklet from the Barefoot Guide is a valuable resource for individuals involved in facilitating creative conversations and learning activities within their organizations and communities. Designed to offer insights, guidance, and practical ideas, it provides a comprehensive skill-building resource for people who often hold facilitative roles and functions across various purposes and contexts.

If you are responsible in any way for facilitating creative conversations or learning activities in your organization, whether these are meetings, dialogues, courses or workshops, you are probably reading this to get some ideas of where to start or what to do. This is a powerful resource offering  ideas, tips and a wealth of support for anyone responsible for fostering a culture of creativity and learning in their organization and community.

Publication Year:


Source | Publisher:

The Barefoot Guide

Best Suited For:

Communications Team, Frontline Personnel, Human Resource Team



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