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The Core Partnership New Partner Application Form

All fields marked with * are required and must be filled.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Core Partnership with Blood:Water. We are looking forward to getting to know more about your organization and work.

We strongly encourage you read the detailed RFA Guidelines to understand more about our partnership model, instructions for successful submission and stages of the process. This application should not take more 45 minutes to prepare pulling information from already existing sources. Any questions can be submitted as referenced in the guidlines before 28th February 2023. Application submissions will close on 30th April 2023.

We remain grateful for your committed service.

Full name then acronym ex: Hope For the Future (HFF)
Physical Address(Required)

Organization Description & Operating Structure

Organization Registration Type(Required)
How do you identify your organization's core missional work (sector focus/alignment)(Required)
Your current governing body is comprised of all African nationals.
What percentage of the Executive Leadership Team including the governing board are female(Required)
Is your Executive Director female?(Required)
Board Members
Please enter a number from 0 to 50.
Employees on Payroll
Please enter a number from 0 to 500.
Volunteers (Number)
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Organization's Financial Information

The following section will offer context to your organization's financial scope and experiences, with a focus on the past 3-years.
ex 10,000
ex 10,000
ex 10,000
Example: December
Primary Revenue Sources: kindly share the current and active highest 3 funding sources or partnerships in USD.
Amount Total (USD)
Start (Year)
End (Year)
% of Total Budget
Maximum of 3 Revenue Sources
Funding History: Please use the below to share the previous funding sources or partnerships that supported your efforts within the last 3 calendar years and are no longer in actively funding you. *
Amount Total (USD)
Start (Year)
End (Year)
How was this positioned
Maximum of 3 Funding History

Impact of the Covid Pandemic

We recognize that many organizations have been impacted and are still recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond the immediate lockdown and programmatic shifts, if your organization was impacted in other ways that changed the trajectory of your operations please share with us so we understand where you are now and how you are coping.
ex: Tell us about any changes of mission or program strategy, senior leadership changes, major funding gaps and operational pauses that you may still be adapting or recovering from.

The Blood: Water Core Grant Partnership - Programmatic Alignment

In this section we would like to hear more about your partnership alignment with the Core Grant. We will ask some questions about the intended programmatic focus of the grant and previous experiences you have in this kind of work. This is not a proposal, rather some preliminary context setting of your organization's work that offers our team an understanding of the need you are responding to and your existing expertise in the areas of interest to determine the degree of alignment with the Core Partnership's parameters, as shared in the RFA guidelines.
The initiative area represents the central goal or majority focus of the grant work, however does not limit the scope of work conducted. A partner can work across all areas beyond their primary initiative area.
Within the above selected primary initiative area is there a focus within the Initiative Area that your programming will respond to? (optional)
How did you hear about the Partnership RFA?

Supporting Documentation File Upload

In the below section please upload the following documents only. We kindly request you do not send additional files not requested.
1. Two letters of reference with contact information: Speaking to the credibility of your organization by other donors, partners, beneficiaries or community representatives
2. Most recent audit report and tax returns: in support of your financial accountability and management practices, no earlier than 2021.
3.Copy of registration documents: validating your legitimate operations in accordance with local government.
Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, xlx, zip, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, Max. file size: 40 MB.

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